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Dominique Zonyeé

Hi, I'm Dominique Zonyeé, CEO and founder of Apartment 1A. My brand journey began in Harlem, N.Y.C. in Apartment 1A. I've always been geekishly fascinated with language, words, and how we use the art of storytelling to paint pictures for others to connect with the intent behind the message.

Naturally, I became a journalist—interviewing people to tell stories that mattered to my community whether it was sports, national issues, entertainment, or global news. But evolving as a professional reporter in the digital era, meant that I was more than a "print journalist"— I was also a marketer, a copywriter, a producer, an on-camera reporter, and a social media strategist creating headlines and captions to entice clicks and engagement.

A marketer with the audience listening and storytelling skills of a journalist, I knew my superpowers were starting to kick in. It was time to level up, so I harnessed skills and repositioned myself as a creative communications strategist, and copywriter for tech brands, apps, and startups.

Then in 2019, after a family tragedy and a chance meeting, I took a leap of faith and created Apartment 1A—a branding, storytelling, and creative studio for innovators, risk-takers, and change agents.
I wanted to team up with like-minded, yet diverse creative peers. I created a space to leverage my eye for design, storytelling, strategic development, and creative expression to partner with brands, organizations, and people who use their brand voice unapologetically to make an impact, bring awareness, and offer quality experiences and products to the world. It brings me joy knowing that my talents are responsible for authentically connecting brands to culture.

When I don't have strategies to help businesses develop campaigns that boost awareness, sales, and engagement on my mind, I like to work on my fitness either at Barre Class or on my hot pink beach cruiser. I love reading new books, expanding my vocabulary, traveling, and spending quality time with my family and loved ones.
Apartment 1A brand strategy
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