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Kindly Kiera

A Colorado-based practice specializing in art, death doula and healing therapy.

What We Did

Brand Strategy | Brand Discovery | Brand Identity | Logo Design | Content Direction | Website Development, Website Design | Website Copy | Bio Copywriting


The Outcome

Certified to serve various types of patients with all issues, Kiera wanted to establish herself in the Colorado market and plant the seeds for telehealth capabilities to help clients across the nation. She also wanted her website to be an informative resource for all mental health patients. Kiera employed Apartment 1A to develop a brand strategy, brand discovery, brand guide and logo, website development, and design and copywriting.

We leveraged the Brand Strategy to get technical and outline industry terms in the service and approach. We created taglines, a mission statement, brand ethos, and purpose in a voice that was authentic to Kiera and appealed to her current and prospective clients. The website tied the brand together, creating a branded ecosystem that officiated the Kindly Kiera practice and positioned Kiera as a resource for people interested in learning about art therapy.
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