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Candide is a New York-based jewelry and creative house founded by Swiss-Belgian designer Liora Nuchowicz.

What We Did

Brand Discovery | Competitive Analysis | Brand Strategy | Brand Voice | Brand Guide | Logo Design | Font +Typography | E-Commerce Website Development | Website Design | Digital Animation | Website Copy | Bio Copywriting


The Outcome

Unique for its hand-crafted limited editions made from sustainable, fair-trade global materials, Candide needed a brand voice and identity as bold as the jewelry art they sell to clients worldwide.

We began by understanding the marketplace and landscape with a deep-dive competitive analysis to help us carve a niche for the emerging brand. Then we formed the narrative using intentional, emotionally charged language to capture the essence and verbal image of the story behind Candide. After defining the voice and tone and other brand messaging elements like the taglines, mission statement, brand values, and long and short bios, we transitioned to the brand identity.

We devoted care to the visual aesthetics, which resulted in depths of refinement, enabling Candide to align product price points with the brand's look and feel. We created a custom font for the worded logo and an elegant pictorial mark symbolic of the earpieces Candide designed. The website was sleek and luxurious in harmony between design and text, featuring unique sonnet poetry-style website copy on a muted black background, bold animated high-fashion product images, and a user-friendly shop experience. Candide could showcase new products, create a community, and fulfill orders virtually.
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