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Terms + Conditions

Apartment 1A provides brand discovery consulting sessions and a full suite of branding, design, and marketing services. We value our customers, our work, and our team. We are committed to meeting our client's goals, deadlines, and needs. 

Consulting Terms + Conditions

We are a Black female-owned business that embraces diversity, advocates for equality, and will not tolerate hate. We protect our brand and energy and have the right to cancel or end a session without refund if the community rules below are disregarded:
*Derogatory terms, hate speech, or racial slurs 
*Sound quality is a persistent issue and interrupts the process.
*Continuous deviation from the Brand Questionnaire and session agenda.



*All Sales Are final
*We understand, life happens; you can reschedule your Brand Discovery Session, one time, free of charge, up to 72-hours before the scheduled time. Please email us to reschedule. 
*If you're running late, we offer a 15-minute grace period to be deducted from the call time. If you are not on the call after 15-mins, you forfeit your appointment without a refund.

*If you need to reschedule a canceled or missed appointment, a 30% fee will be required to reschedule via email. If you try to book directly on the website, you must pay the FULL price for the service again.
*All Discovery Session will be recorded for safety reasons and quality assurance purposes. Videos will NOT BE shared or published, but deleted after 30 days.
*If you fail to appear for the rescheduled appointment, you will forfeit the amount tendered for the discovery session.
*All Brand Questionnaires must be submitted to confirm bookings.
*Your Brand Questionnaire is the blueprint for your unique Discovery Session. Should you have different needs or directions out of the questionnaire's scope, you will need to explore another session or service, here.
*Up to three 30-minute sessions per client, brand, and or business, unless otherwise discussed and a separate agreement is made between the client and Apartment 1A.
*Up to two 60-minute sessions per client, brand, and or business, unless otherwise discussed and a separate agreement is made between the client and Apartment 1A.



*All sales are final
*All copy and design are the property of Apartment 1A. Copyright infringement laws may be applicable.

Policy + Guidelines

Listed Terms and Conditions ("Apartment 1A, LLC", "We," "Us," "The creative agency"). The terms and conditions set forth are a result of Apartment 1A, LLC. They are specifically listed to manage expectations and outcomes and protect both you, "The Client" and "Apartment 1A, LLC."
You ("The Customer," "The Client") take time to read through thoroughly and ensure you fully understand these terms and conditions and their significance before you contract Apartment 1A, LLC for any services or products. Please also note Apartment 1A may need to alter these terms and conditions & prices without notice from time to time.

Payment & Refund Policy

"The Client" agrees to pay:
60% non-refundable deposit is due within 48-hours of receipt of the invoice and the quoted amount to secure Apartment 1A's services, time, and to start/kick-off the project.
The remaining 40% balance is due when the work and agreed-upon services are complete but due before actual work is transferred to the client.
There are no refunds on deposits. 
Projects can only be paid in full at the minimum of $300. 
All unpaid invoices are canceled within 72-hours. A new invoice will be issued with additional charges if payment is not made on the agreed-upon end date.


Deposits + Refunds

The project deposit is non-refundable. Your deposit serves as your contract, and once the invoice is paid, you have agreed to the terms listed here. If a project is canceled by "The Client," for whatever reason, the deposit will serve as a cancellation fee. If "The Client" changes their mind for whatever reason, this deposit is non-refundable, and the initial 60% deposit is forfeited and acts as a cancellation fee.
There is no refund if labor, including but not limited to scheduling, conference calls, has been exercised for the project. There is no refund on Domain Purchases and 12-months of hosting purchased when a domain name is purchased. If an invoice is sent and is left unpaid with [out notification] within 15 business days, your site will be temporarily suspended [any other service will be on hold].
After 30 days from the date the final invoice is sent, your website will be suspended indefinitely if your invoice is not paid. Should we determine to revisit our working relationship, the client will acquire a  restore fee + final payment, to be paid on demand in full before the website is reactivated. 
Invoices for print design projects, including but not limited to packaging design, business cards, illustrations, MUST be paid in full before sending off to print. All print design services/projects will be send to print AFTER the final invoice is paid in full. After the project is sent to print, there are no refunds unless the printer is at fault. We will email the client Tracking Info [on print orders] if needed.
Clients will not receive ANY final artwork or files until final invoices are paid in full. Draft files, including but not limited to revision files, unselected logo proofs, premium paid fonts and themes, PSDS remain the property of Apartment 1A). Logo Files are only delivered to the client once the project has been fully completed, in one or more of the following formats PDF / JPG / PNG / or SVG. We recommend using "WinRar" or "Winzip" for extracting purposes. .AI vectors are not available.



Clients receive a limited numerical amount of revisions with every package. Once all the modification rounds are exhausted, a fee will occur for any additional revisions. Once you have submitted all your edits in your deliverables, any work created by Apartment 1A is emailed, made live, or logo files emailed. Any remaining editing rounds from the initial contract are immediately null and void. Once the website is made live, published, or finished and ready to go live, any additional edits or changes the client did not identify during the final round of feedback will count as a revision. Therefore, the client will be charged revision fees (fees to be determined depending upon the request). 
The production of any original design work automatically deems Apartment 1A as the author and, therefore the owner of such work.
All projects are not to be advertised via social networking sites before completed. That is a breach of contract, and projects will forfeit your deposit.


Additional information + Termination

Business hours are Monday-Friday 10-4 pm. We do not design on the weekends unless indicated the project proposal or initial calendar. We do not email, text during the weekend, or answer calls on anything business-related unless it's an emergency and the client and Apartment 1A have a scheduled form of communication.
Apartment 1A has the right to dissolve a contract in writing, effective immediately (via direct email to “The Client”) within reason if the client: continuously delays the project timeline, is verbally or physically abusive, fails to communicate in a timely fashion, or other reasons that will compromise the integrity of the project and Apartment 1A team. 
Apartment 1A has the right to decline any project at any moment for any reason and refund you the deposit if work has not started. We have the right to refund any portion of the project fee if the client insists on being combative, rude, or disrespectful or if we find your project "un-accomplishable."
In efforts to protect You, "The client" and Apartment 1A from hearsay, except for scheduled Zoom calls ( to be recorded with consent), all correspondence between Apartment 1A and "The Client" is conducted via email. This policy is in place to keep documented records and avoid miscommunication, and be used for clarification if needed.
If you would like to understand this policy, please check the box indicating that you have read and agree to our terms and policy.
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