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6 Brand Strategy Steps For Emerging Brands & Businesses


What is Brand Strategy ?

Brand strategy is about exploring your niche and creating the blueprint for the long-term success of your brand. Strategy includes defining your business objectives, customer personas, brand promise, values, brand voice, tone and more. Like most abstract art, brand strategy is hard to measure. As your business evolves and your audience grows brand strategy is one of your most valuable assets.

Who Are You?

Creating brand strategy requires methodology. Essentially, you're making a conscious effort to get to the core of your business and establish why you started it and the problem your brand solves. Ask yourself why your company is necessary. How does your brand add value to the lives of your prospective clients?

What is Your Mission?

All companies must define goals for the business, the team and customers. The mission statement is the "why" behind your brand. Ultimately, your mission statement reflects every entity of your business from the products you sell, to your bond with customers, the partners your brand aligns with, and even your brand colors, logo and website design.

Define your Purpose

Defining brand purpose is just as important as the mission statement. Showcase how your brand intends to make the industry and world a better place. Great brand purpose unites culture and consumer under the safe space of your brand, Consumers are more likely to support brands they share the same values with.

Find Your Voice

Brand voice is the personality or human characteristics of your brand expressed through written word. How you speak to you village verbally and visually is characterized by your brand voice and tone.

It's important to make sure your company's brand voice is uniform so that your brand can shine across

all mediums.

Design Your Look

The strategy phase not only determines your brand personality in written form, but it is also the foundation for your look and feel too. Your brand colors, logo, and the visuals you use to represent your brand externally are a reflection of your discovery and strategy phases. How you look should compliment what you say. Together they can distinguish you from competitors.




Schedule your brand discovery session

Our 30-minute brand discovery sessions and 60-minute media coaching sessions give business owners, startups, founders, and entrepreneurs the tools they need to launch solid brand foundations that are authentic and set them apart in the market.​

Each session comes with a free version of our proprietary Branding 101: Brand Strategy Workbook, which features 50 plus pages of tools, tips, and our unique brand questionnaires to identify your goals and coach you as you develop a comprehensive brand strategy to launch, rebrand or evolve your new product or business.

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